A global service as part of a property sale

We offer our clients comprehensives sales services which can be tailored to your needs:

1 - We provide market intelligence based on the neighborhood where the property
is situated (typically quoted on a square meter basis).

2 - We provide price estimates for the property to be sold based on comparables
in the neighborhood.

3 - We guide you through the required inspections and mandatory disclosures
required for any sale of property in France (Loi Carrez, termites, lead, etc.).

4 - We source professionals who provide these inspections and measurements.

5 - We market the property via a host of media to seek a potential buyer.

6 - We provide credit analysis on the buyer to ensure quality of the bid.

7 - We negotiate final sales price.

8 - We asses any pre-conditions in the initial purchase contract in compliance
with the SRU law.

9 - We find you a notaire, if necessary.

10 - We supervise funds release and closing at the notaire's office.

11 - We can also assist in the logistics of the move, helping you cancel all
service contracts linked to the property (electricity, gas, telephone, etc.).