The 16th arrondissement

The 16th arrondissement

16-trocadero-bWestern arrondissement of Paris, the 16th is inhabited by wealthy people. It includes the Bois de Boulogne (woods). It is one of the most expensive and most chic neighborhood  of Paris.  It houses mainly mansions, villas and luxury apartments. The 16th arrondissement originally gathers a few former villages, Auteuil, Passy and Chaillot. They were included into Paris by the Baron Haussmann whom is also the town planner of the large avenues of the north of the arrondissement : avenue Victor Hugo, avenue Kléber, avenue Foch (which is the largest avenue of Paris)...
The two most important monuments of the arrondissement are the Arc of Triomphe and the Trocadéro which faces the Eiffel Tower.  Many museums are in the 16th arrondissement : museum of mankind, museum of modern art of Paris, Marmottan museum, Guimet museum, Galliera museum ... This arrondissement also shelters most of the foreign embassies.

Celebrities :
Marcel Proust, Aragon were both born in the 16th district. Benjamin Franklin and Honoré de Balzac lived in the Passy Village.



Most buildings are from the 19th and 20th century.



The purchase price of m² is currently around 11 300€.


Parc des Princes : soccer stadium also used for concerts, Roland-Garros stadium shelters a ATP tennis tournament every year.  Two racetracks can be found in the Bois de Boulogne. The National Chaillot theater is located in the Trocadéro.

Schools :
Lycées René Cassin, Janson de Sailly, Jean Baptiste Say, La Fontaine, Molière and Claude Bernard, and many private schools. University Paris Dauphine.

Farmers Markets :
Marché Auteuil, marché Gros La Fontaine, marché Point du Jour, marché Porte Molitor, marché Président Wilson, marché Amiral Bruix, market hall of Passy, market hall of Saint Didier.