A global service as part of a property purchase

We offer our clients comprehensives services over the entire transaction cycle:

1 - Together, we work with your search criteria and budget parameters to identify
appropriate neighborhoods and properties for your consideration.

2 - We define the scope of our services and sign an engagement letter to define our
role and your commitments.

3 - We provide specific financial advice tailored to your particular situation and
investment objectives.

4 - We study financing plan together and seek out the best available rates and

5 - We launch a search of real estate properties.

6 - We give you private on-line access to the pre-selected properties matching your
request and include a property analysis in compliance with the law.

7 - We negotiate purchase price with the seller.

8 - We determine (and seek to minimize through negotiation) any conditions the
seller may include in the letter of intent.

9 - We source mortgage products and provide various financial simulations
depending on your equity contribution, loan tenor and maximum monthly outlay;
we also incorporate all transaction expenses including bank fees, guarantee
fees and other closing costs.

10 - We prepare a provisional sales contract and we find you a notaire.

11 - We supervise the closing process including release ot funds and signing the sales
contract at the notaire's office.

12 - If you wish to renovate the property, we can source interior designers, architects
and locally licensed plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers, masonry orkers
and other professionals to carry out the necessary work.

13 - We can help you move into your new home by sourcing movers, storage
agencies and others and help with all move-in details (utilities, schools, local
attractions, etc.)

14 - If you are buying a rental property, we can source rental management
companies to help negotiate short and long term rental agreements,
provide maintenance services and most importantly, targeted advertising
and marketing.