The 20th arrondissement

The 20th arrondissement

20-perelachaiseThe most visited monument of the 20th arrondissement is the Père Lachaise cemetery, which hosts famous dead people, such as Jim Morrison, the painters David and Delacroix, the writers Wilde, Balzac, Colette, Musset, Proust, etc.  The 20th arrondissement is a working class neighborhood, it is partly situated on the Ménilmontant hill overhanging Paris. The Tenon hospital is situated near the city hall.


Most buildings are from the 19th and 20th century.


The purchase price of m² is currently around 8.990 €.


A few theaters including Théâtre de l'Est Parisien and théâtre national de la colline.

Schools :
Lycée Maurice Ravel.

Farmers Markets :
Marché Belgrand, marché Davout, marché Mortier, marché Réunion and marché Télégraphe.