Acquisition costs

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Acquisition costs

Whether you are buying for cash or with a mortgage there are some costs:

The Deposit: as your agreement to the purchase - on the day you sign the Compromis de vente (the sales agreement contract) you will be required to pay your deposit, usually 10 percent of the purchase price for older properties. It is advisable to pay your deposit cheque to the notaire or agent who is representing you and not to the vendor. The deposit is held by the notaire/agent until completion.

Notaire fees: Around 8 percent of the purchase price as the cost for the legal fees. You can choose your own notaire, or use the same notaire as the vendor - whichever you choose, the cost will be the same. Notaire fees can only be included in the mortgage for French tax payers. If you pay tax in another country, you will have to fund the notaire fees yourself.

Agency fees: An amount between 5% and 8% can be charged . If you are raising a mortgage you can include these fees in the mortgage if the agency fees are stated in the "Compromis de vente".